Day Two: Marilyn Smith

She’s saying that yesterday was incredible, both in terms of information presented and in the quality of questions and comments from the audience. (I felt that, too, for the record. We’ve learned a lot over the last 10 years.)

Also, if anybody wants to donate a buck or two to keep U2FP (organizer of this event) breathing and healthy, You can do it easily at their website. There’s a little red flag at the top right of every page.

Housekeeping details re cell phones, parking, schedule changes . . . and now recognition of people who helped with Rally #1, way back in 2005. Here’s the list:

  • Marilyn Smith
  • Betheney Gaines
  • Susan Maus

(sweet moment with the 3 of them together on stage)

  • Tricia Brooks
  • Michael Manganiello

(both of whom were working at the Reeve Foundation way back when & showed up to fill in the many gaps )

Literally true that these five people are why we’re here right now.unnamed


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