Advocate’s Award

Marilyn Smith: This year’s recipient has been coming here for many years; she was injured in 2001 and was part of the cure movement from the beginning. When I first started networking, her name was one of the first to come. She continues to travel the world and meet with scientists, clinicians and other patients.

She left her for-profit job and founded an organization called The End Paralysis Foundation, which is working now to bring chABC into trials. She’s from the Netherlands. Big hand for Corrine Jean-Maire

Corinne: I’ve been waiting for years (joking) . . . it’s a surprise, and the thing is that they don’t tell you in advance and so now I must think of what to say. I would say that I’m much less than an amateur — just trying to do my best. I really believe that there will be a cure out there, but not tomorrow. There’s quite a lot of work to do, of course. Something you see in many organizations is that people lose track of the goal . . . we can’t allow that to happen.

At End Paralysis Foundation, we pay attention to the big numbers: GLOBAL CHRONIC SPINAL CORD INJURY. Let’s work together, all of us. The goal is a cure, which is going to have to combine all kinds of approaches.

Please go like my facebook page; I’ve worked for months on this combination to win $50,000 Euros, which will go to the chondroitinase project. Here’s the link.


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