Twas the Night Before Conference

And all through the Marriott …

A zillion people in wheelchairs…

Were making a racket.

Ahem. Or something. I’m sitting in the corner of the Forest Glen room in the basement of the hotel, looking out at one of those epic Working 2 Walk scenes where the norm is neither AB nor DIS — just a lot of happy people talking a little too loud while they catch up on the news since last year.


Gotta say, this hotel is CRAZY tonight — for starters, there are TWO weddings going on (think, LOUD bands), plus I think a Bat Mitzvah and another conference which seems to involve sororities. Many old friendships renewed (Hi, Maus family! Hi Jody and Ryan!, Hi, Tricia! Hi, Barry!) — where we talk about about everything from raising kids to fitbits for wheelers to who was the most outrageous teenager among us.

It’s a good night. Going to be a good conference.


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